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Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 - 3 Users, 3 Macs


SKU# MS-W7F00014


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This Family Pack allows you to install Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student on up to 3 computers for 3 users in the same household.

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student 2011
gives you familiar tools to get the most out of all your projects. Create documents from polished templates. And use the Office for Mac ribbon interface that gives you the tools you need at your fingertips and a familiar Office experience across PC and Mac. What could be more efficient than that?

Template Gallery: More themes more templates more customizable.
Easily access thousands of Word PowerPoint and Excel 2011 themes and templates and use them to create beautiful professional-looking documents. Quickly find recent documents so you can get right back to work. You can also customize and preview any theme or template before selecting it -so you know you've got what you need on the first try.

Perform common tasks fast.
Office for Mac 2011 features a dynamic ribbon interface that puts commonly used features right where you need them in Word Excel and PowerPointfor Mac. We've translated the ribbon for the Mac to help streamline the creation of polished documents presentations and spreadsheets. Office for Mac 2011 feels familiar whether you are a longtime Mac user or use Office on a PC.

Template Gallery: More themes, more templates, more customizable.
Perform common tasks, fast.
Excel: Smarter, sharper ways to visualize and present your data.
Photo Editing: Give your projects more visual impact.
Compatibility: You look more professional when you re compatible.
Coauthoring: One document, multiple writers.
PowerPoint: Put on a show anywhere with Broadcast Slide Show.
Performance improvements: Faster, smoother, better.
Dynamic Reorder: Move objects and data around, and through, your documents.
Word Full-Screen View: Let your content be front and center.
Brand Microsoft
Product Type Full Version
Edition Mac
Platform Mac
Package Type Retail
License Type Complete Product
License Pricing Non-commercial

Customer Reviews

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  • “excellent package for price.”


    Nov 24, 2012

    compatible with microsoft products

    installed everything, did not let me choose. had to remove products I did not want after.

    best way to be able to use files that MS window users insist on sending.
  • “Works great! No problems!”

    Becky Hodge

    Sep 12, 2012

    Seems more intuitive than older versions.

    Wish the color options for "fill" were the same as the old version, but you can manually produce any color you wish, as always

    I like this. It's keeping current with the updates, and that's very important!
  • “Fast service. Quick shipping.”

    Michael Bachleda

    Jan 30, 2012

    Hassle-free purchase and installation.


  • “Update of Microsoft Office”

    Gloria Bradshaw

    Mar 28, 2011

    Similar to Office 7 for Windows. Makes moving between platforms much easier. Intuitive use of templates and other features.

    none that I have found so far

    I have used MS Office for many years. In my estimation, each update has improved the product--which is already the best on the market.
  • “Very easy use.”

    Craig Nelson

    Jan 31, 2011

    The icons are great. I find it very easy to use and navigate. The different templates in Word are perfect for all the various documents I create.

    None that I can find.

  • “Great Product. Fast Delivery”

    Paul Danaj

    Jan 27, 2011

    I love the new features. It works wonders. I can't wait to try out everything else.

    I rather prefer the 2008 format.

  • “A solid Office suite for Macs”


    Jan 25, 2011

    Attractive and intuitive interface, relatively seamless compatibility between Office for Windows as well as prior versions, macro and Visual Basic support in Excel, applications load quickly versus prior versions.

    Price is still expensive, Home & Student edition doesn't include Outlook, large file footprint

    I recently upgraded to Office 2011 for Mac from Office for Mac 2004. The first thing I noticed, and greatly appreciated, was how much more quickly the various apps opened compared to the 2004 version. The interface is great, in my opinion. It is based on the "Ribbon" used in Windows versions beginning with 2007. However, it is less distracting and more intuitive than the interface found in the Windows versions I've found. It is a definitely a huge improvement over the Mac 2004 interface. Another main selling point for Excel power users is the reintroduction of macro support. Despite several complaints about problems with Visual Basic in Office 2011 mentioned in reviews elsewhere, I have had no problems thus far with macros and Visual Basic editor. Over all, I am happy with Office for Mac 2011. It is an substantially improved over prior versions for Mac and has a great interface and is easy to use if you are already familiar with Office products.
  • “perfect product.”

    m karaoglan

    Jan 20, 2011

    OEM product and package at a dsicount


    Great product. fast shipping
  • “Great value for MS Office!”

    Michael Heule

    Jan 17, 2011

    Fully compatibility file format that can be opened on a MAC or PC. With multiple students at home/college, you can install software on up to three computers.

    Does not allow simple use of fill in excel with same colors as previous version (although you can create custom colors).

    This is a great value for industry standard software at home or school. Cant go wrong!
  • “Meets expectations”

    Robert Pleasant

    Jan 16, 2011

    Opens and edits file well


    Mac Office 11 met expectations well--including opening and editing files created
    on a Windows PC without issue. I have no complaints.
  • “Great product for family sharing”

    Mary Ellen Siudut

    Jan 09, 2011

    multiple licenses at price of one at Best Buy


    This was a great find. My daughters have Macs but I am used to PC, so this made a great Christmas gift. They each got to install Word etc on their PCs so can easily share docs and spreadsheets.
  • “Good product at great price”


    Jan 03, 2011

    I remember the days when you used to have to take out a loan to purchase MS Office. Thank you free market!

    Slow loading.

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