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Microsoft License Verification Process: Free Consultation

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Audits aren’t just for the IRS. More and more businesses, small and large, are becoming more aware of Microsoft’s License Verification Audits. Even though Microsoft has been conducting these audits for a few years now, it seems like the frequency and size of their audits are becoming greater with each round and the regulation is getting stricter. We’ve just learned from Microsoft that another round of letters and emails are getting sent out from Microsoft regarding the License Verification Process.

Many times businesses don’t even know that their software isn’t genuine. With the emergence of the software download industry and the removal of the retail boxed product, we’ve seen these cases happen more and more frequently. Basically, a software reseller takes a license and then sells it multiple times, but since the license has already been assigned to a different company, you don't actually own the license. if you rely on such software it can leave your business more vulnerable due to lack of security and control, limited reliability, hindered productivity and other issues. It’s more important now than ever before to make sure that your software is genuine. Software resellers come and go and restart under a different name faster than it takes their customers to realize what just happened. Purchasing cloud software is an easy way to ensure that your software is legit. Otherwise, if you’re not ready to move to the cloud yet, make sure that when you purchase software from a reseller, stick to one that has been around for a while to reduce your risks (SoftwareMedia has been selling software since 1997).

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How Can SoftwareMedia Help with the License Verification Process

SoftwareMedia can provide you with a FREE License Summary Report to help you go through the License Verification Process. This report contains vital information that can save you hours of research and we provide it completely free of charge. We typically work with Microsoft on a daily basis and unlike most lawyers, we are experts in this field. We have the tools and resources to help you through this process and our professionals will stand by your side to help your business get through this as effortlessly as possible without causing unnecessary financial strain.

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You don't have to go through this process alone.

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