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How Windows Server Provides Value For Your Business

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Why Windows Server 2016?

$3.79 million is the average cost of a data breach, an increase of 23% over the past 2 years. Protect your business with the built-in security capabilities of Windows Server 2016. 40% of businesses hit by a disaster never reopen. The Disaster Recovery feature within Windows Server 2016 delivers high availability disaster recovery to on-premises or cloud using Storage Replica.

Stop paying more money to virtualize. Windows Server 2016 includes support for virtualization and containers at no extra cost and allows you to increase security with Shielded VMs.

In 2015, 35% of professional workers performed some or all of their work from home. Last year this amount was even larger. With Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, you can provide easy remote access with the peace of mind that corporate data is kept securely on the server.

It is estimated that 80% of small businesses in the United States will be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020. Whether you're ready to move to the cloud today or any time in the future, Windows Server 2016 gives you flexibility to move to the cloud on your own terms.

Windows Server 2016 vs 2012

Common questions and concerns

"Everything’s moving to the cloud. Why do we need an on-premises server like Windows Server? I don’t see how it’s still relevant for today’s businesses."

IT organizations are increasingly calling many things “cloud” as part of their efforts to gain funding and meet nebulous cloud demands and strategies. The resulting myth is that people are falling into the trap of believing that if something is good, it has to be cloud.
Though its true that IT is shifting more and more to cloud, it doesn’t mean that newer on-premise solutions are obsolete or irrelevant to businesses. Windows Server 2016 is designed to offer you an on-prem solution that easily scales into the cloud so you can pick and choose what should stay on- prem and what should move the cloud. Several of our customers still have an existing on-premise solution for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Regulatory, compliance, or data sovereignty requirements that mandate their data be secured on premises.
  • Performance issues, perhaps caused by bandwidth constraints, latency, or heavy data usage.
  • Some of their legacy applications cannot be easily migrated to the cloud.
  • Some customers prefer up-front payments over an extended payment schedule.

"I don’t have a cloud plan for my entire IT operation yet, so I’ll just stick with what I have until I do."

Cloud is not always the solution for all your IT needs. For example, unless there are cost savings, moving a legacy application doesn’t make sense.
In cases like this, your business can benefit from a hybrid model where you can get new benefits offered by the cloud while maintaining some of your on-prem infrastructure. This allows you to approach your IT flexibly in the best way that works for your business while still benefitting from today’s improvements and cost savings.

"Windows Server 2016 licensing is more expensive, and what I have now is just fine for my needs."
If you’re using Standard edition, in most cases the licensing costs of 2012 R2 and 2016 are equivalent.
If you’re using high-end processors with several cores in a high-density virtualization scenario, you should consider using the Datacenter edition. Yes, your licensing costs may be higher – but you are going to save in the long run because now you have unlimited virtualization and expanded container use. Plus, you’ll receive additional storage benefits that will save you money in the future as well. And if you purchase Software Assurance, you can use the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit to move some of your workloads to the cloud while paying only the base compute rate.

"Most of the new 2016 features are cloud-related."
In addition to being a platform that supports integrating cloud services, Windows Server 2016 is designed to deliver the latest in on-premises features such as security enhancements, improved server performance, data storage, and more.

"We’re interested in moving to the cloud, even using a hybrid model, but we’re still not convinced that the cloud is fully secure."
Windows Server 2016 has the most built-in security features we’ve ever offered in the OS. Features like Just in Time and Just Enough Administration give your IT administrators the proper level of access only at the times needed, limiting any unnecessary exposure of your network to risk. Windows Defender and Enhanced Threat Detection take a more proactive approach to protecting the OS, meaning our response time to Zero-Day events is immediate.
Shielded VMs, secure boot for both Windows & Linux, Host Guardian Service, Control Flow Guard – we have several built-in features that protect you both on-prem and in the cloud.
Aside from all these built-in security features, know that Microsoft constantly evaluates and improves security as part of our mission to our customers, and because of this mission, it means that we invest a large amount of resources in ensuring that Microsoft cloud solutions, even public cloud solutions, have more security than any single organization’s on-premise infrastructure. In effect, Microsoft’s technology gives you the business tools of a much larger company, at the right price, to help deliver increased efficiency and maximize your IT investment.

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