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SoftwareMedia Remote Support

If you need remote support, please call SoftwareMedia and first speak with one of our support technicians. If we determine that remote support is the best route, we will ask you to set up a TeamViewer session.

How TeamViewer Works
After agreeing with the terms of our disclaimer, you will be given a TeamViewer ID and password. Please give these to the SoftwareMedia support technician so they can remote into your computer under your supervision. Please note, once logged in, we can see all the same windows that you see on your computer (if you have any important files up on your computer with sensitive data, please close them before running TeamViewer).

What will the technician be able to do with TeamViewer on my computer?
Our technician will be able to remote control your computer and see what you see. The software does not install anything permanently and the technician cannot remote your computer without your knowledge. You can end the shared session at any time. We are unable to see your private information unless you show it to us.

Please click on the following button to begin the TeamViewer QuickSupport software.

How to end the session
Once connected, you will see a small box in the lower right hand corner confirming SoftwareMedia "helpdesk" is connected. When you are ready to end your session you can click on the "X" to close the Teamviewer window. The software is now removed from your system and we will no longer be able to access your computer.