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Photoshop CS6 for Mac

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Product Information


What's new in Photoshop?

Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 software delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with new Content-Aware features, and create superior designs as well as movies using new and reimagined tools and workflows.


Edit and enhance with imaging magic:

  • Content-Aware Patch
  • All-new Crop tool
  • Superior auto-corrections
  • Skin tone-aware selections and masking
  • Content-Aware Move
  • Content-Aware Scaling
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Puppet Warp
  • Complex selections made easy
  • Color decontamination
  • Expert retouching
  • Perspective-based retouching
  • Smart Filters
  • Smart Objects

Work more efficiently:

  • Mercury Graphics Engine
  • Background Save
  • Auto-recovery
  • Properties panel
  • Adobe Bridge CS6
  • Adobe Mini Bridge
  • Cross-platform 64-bit performance
  • Modern print interface
  • Powerful print automation
  • Efficient tile sizing and caching
  • Workspace Switcher
  • Live workspaces
  • Fluid canvas rotation
  • Smooth panning and zooming
  • Panel management
  • File display options
  • Customized workspaces
  • Multi-Touch support on Mac laptops
  • Profiles to support the color-blind

Work with state-of-the-art photography tools:

  • Tilt-Shift
  • Iris Blur
  • Adaptive Wide Angle
  • Field Blur
  • Automatic lens correction
  • Lens Correction filter improvements
  • Straighten Image tool
  • Gradient tool preset for neutral density

Process images professionally with the Adobe Camera Raw 7:

  • Superior processing
  • Highlights and Shadows controls
  • Local controls
  • Support for more camera models
  • Noise removal
  • Better conversions with demosaicing
  • Additive grain
  • Post-crop vignetting

Control color and tone:

  • Superior HDR imaging
  • Black-and-white conversion
  • HDR Toning
  • Exceptional color correction

Intuitively create movies and video content:

  • 10-bit deep color support
  • Support for 3D LUTs
  • Intuitive video creation
  • Video file format support

Create superior designs and artwork:

  • Type styles
  • Vector layers
  • Sharp vector rendering
  • Custom strokes and dashed lines
  • Layer search
  • Lighting Effects Gallery
  • Oil Painting filter
  • Revolutionary erodible brushes
  • Airbrush tips
  • Painting presets
  • Highly adjustable brushes
  • GPU-accelerated Warp preview
  • Mixer Brush
  • Bristle Tips
  • GPU-accelerated painting tools
  • Rich drawing toolset
  • Onscreen color picker
  • Scripted Patterns

Composite images with advanced features:

  • Paste in place
  • Multilayer fill and opacity
  • Sticky layer styles
  • Auto-blending of images
  • Easy layer management
  • 360-degree panoramas
  • Auto-alignment of layers
  • Extended depth of field

Take advantage of a streamlined workflow:

  • New heads-up displays
  • Preset migration and sharing
  • Modern user interface
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom integration
  • Adobe PDF file support
  • Automated production
  • Edit History log
  • Image file format support
  • High-resolution web display

Save time with user-inspired improvements:

  • Enhanced TIFF support
  • Automatic resampling
  • Filler text
  • Increased maximum brush sizes
  • 16-bit to JPEG conversion
  • One-step file closing
  • Saving shortcut
  • Easy reversing of clone source images

Extend your reach:

  • Integration with Adobe Touch Apps
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Integration with Photoshop companion apps
  • DNG Profile Editor
  • Adobe Pixel Bender
Brand Adobe
Product Type Full Version
Edition Standard
Platform Mac
Package Type Retail
License Type Complete Product
License Pricing Standard

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