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Office Home and Business 2010
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Office Home and Business 2010 - Download

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010
is the essential software suite for managing small businesses and working from home. Enhanced tools and features help you run your business, connect with customers, and organize your household more efficiently. Office Home and Business 2010 features new photo, video, and text effects for creating standout documents and presentations. New communication tools in Outlook 2010 help you stay in touch and organized. Office Home and Business 2010 makes it easier than ever for you to manage things in the office, at home, or in between.

With these great Office 2010 programs, you are given free-reign to create and design your own personalized files and projects for a multitude of occasions. Check out some of the great features with MS Office 2010 below:

Add energy and impact to your presentations
Bring your PowerPoint 2010 slideshow to life with state-of-the-art graphics, video, animations, and transitions.

Find the tools you need when you need them
The new Microsoft Office Backstage view and improved Ribbon experience help you quickly navigate the tasks and commands you rely on, enabling you complete to your work more efficiently.

Get more insight from your data
Expose trends in your business financials or your household budget with Sparklines in Excel 2010. These mini-chart representations let you easily identify changes in your data.

Communicate effectively & stay organized
Microsoft Outlook 2010 gives you a richer set of experiences to meet your communication needs at work, home, and school. From a redesigned look to advanced e-mail organization, search, communication, and social networking features, Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager* provides you with a world-class experience to stay productive and in touch with your personal and business networks.

*Business Contact Manager available for free download with qualifying previous version!
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What's Included:
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook with Business Contact Manager*
  • Excel
  • OneNote
Office Home and Business 2010

"MS keeps it going"
Tano Gentile, Lafayette, LA
February 2, 2011
Strengths: Fully functional Office suite
Weaknesses: A little hard to find all my tools in word and outlook. I guess I just need to get used to it.
Comments: If you are coming from Office 2007 to this, you will be fine. If not, get ready to relearn all of the Office programs.

"Great product!"
Denise, Cypress, Texas
July 21, 2011
Strengths: Easy to use.
Weaknesses: Non

"works good"
peter, torrance, ca
September 23, 2011
Strengths: works good, easy to install
Weaknesses: because of new, need to learn other stuff

"Great product, really helpful."
October 6, 2011
Strengths: Love it.
Weaknesses: None

"Office done right"
Farrell, Seattle, WA
October 6, 2011
Strengths: Office 2010 is so much easier to use than office 2007. Kind of reminds me of the difference between Vista and Windows 7. Just bettered designed and more intuitive to use. Not too mention it is at a good price.
Weaknesses: Can't think of any.

"Best version of Office yet"
The Kid
November 4, 2011
Strengths: Big improvement in Excel. Microsoft improved statistical, financial, and math functions in 2010. Fill patterns which were removed in 2007 are back.
Weaknesses: None to speak of...

"This was easy to download"
Jessica @ HMIS Denver, Denver, CO
November 15, 2011
Strengths: I like the features and the look of these programs.
Weaknesses: So much to choose from.

"A must have for business "
KayLynn, Overland Park
November 29, 2011
Strengths: Easy to use email.
Weaknesses: Could be a bit more user friendly to customize
Comments: Great product.

"Fast service & good product"
December 5, 2011
Strengths: The order process was easy and fast. The product was easy to load.
Weaknesses: I'm coming from Office 2003 so there's a lot of changes, but found a website that answers my questions.
Comments: Will be buying again.

"Great Program!"
Elliott, Delray Beach, Florida
December 7, 2011
Strengths: I transitioned from Office 2003 so there was a bit of a learning curve but not that hard to figure out. It lays things out a lot better, especially in Outlook.
Weaknesses: I haven't found any.

"Very Good Program"
Esther, Lewiston, ME
December 15, 2011
Strengths: An improvement from Office 2007. Very easy to install. Finding the information I need in the help section. I really like the Excel and Outlook
Weaknesses: Wish I had an installation disc.
Comments: I really like buying from Software Media. They are reliable and ship quickly. Would not hesitate to purchase from them again.

"Great new features "
December 21, 2011
Strengths: I really like the ribbon and backstage view features.
Weaknesses: Moving from Office 2003 to 2010 created a big learning curve, but I used the tutorials and in a very short time felt up to speed. Some functions were intuitive anyway.
Comments: Love the new product!

"Great product at a great price"
Phil Rice, Estero, FL
December 23, 2011
Strengths: Better menu consistency throughout the different applications; stable and reliable. Excellent price.
Weaknesses: The new interface is very different from 2007, takes getting used to.

"Excellent software and shipping"
Norman Moy, Cypress, TX
December 29, 2011
Strengths: Great software. Great shipping
Weaknesses: None

"This is a download from backup."
Graham F, San Diego, CA
January 3, 2012
Strengths: It works. It comes with a working key and the download is straight from Microsoft, providing you set up a Windows Live ID/.NET Passport ID.
Weaknesses: The product specifications clearly state that this product is a DVD-ROM. That is untrue. It is a download.

"Super Easy"
Brian, Huntley, IL
January 4, 2012
Strengths: CAN'T BEAT OFFICE 2010
Weaknesses: NONE

Ellen Ingold, Greensboro, NC
January 19, 2012
Strengths: Excellent
Weaknesses: None noted
Comments: Already had product, but upgraded versions due to new computer

"Love the program!"
LD, Toledo, OH
February 9, 2012
Strengths: Easy to use, highly customizable
Weaknesses: None
Comments: Enjoying using the latest version of Office!

"Still learning how to use it."
John, Pepperell, Ma
February 15, 2012
Strengths: Software support is very good.
Weaknesses: None that I can see at this time.
Comments: Still getting used to it. Very different from 2003. Purchased a self instruction book and going through that step by step.

"Exactly as Ordered"
February 16, 2012
Strengths: Easy to install. Exactly what I was looking for.
Weaknesses: None

"Much improved graphical interface"
Paul Auclair, Cumberland, ME
February 25, 2012
Strengths: I primarily use Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel. Each has a vastly improved and intuitive user connection to the desired action via the new ribbon feature.
Weaknesses: Users of older versions will have to spend some time perusing the ribbons. A few features (eg: line spacing) could be better grouped.
Comments: Overall, great product with innumerable simple and sophisticated features for the home and professional user.

"OK but still some problems"
Chris Rogers
March 1, 2012
Strengths: Crisp interface, looks good. Can cancel from the product splash screen. A major plus is users can no longer rip out and lose toolbars because they are replaced with "the ribbon". Users are typically initially happy with the upgrade because it does run better than previous versions. That is until some problem crops up.
Weaknesses: "Click to run" version of Office is a mess. It runs virtualized and after a couple months some users lose the ability to double click on a file and have it open in the correct Office program. The solution is to re-install using an install disk (not the "Click to Run" version). Make sure you buy at least one version with actual media. Outlook 2010 is still not totally email standards compliant. IMAP, although way better than previous versions, still has issues. Syncing of mail folders to server can take many minutes locking the program. Navigation pane options confuse most users ("I lost my calendar"). The email fields (From, Subject, etc) can be inadvertently dragged out and lost by users (biggest user complaint so far). There is no way to lock the fields down so they can't be dragged. Word 2010, like every other version before it still has major issues with bullets and indentation.
Comments: Office could be the dictionary definition of bloatware. Too many little used features in an overpriced package that people are forced by convention to use.

"Great price and easy download."
Sheri Torborg
March 7, 2012
Strengths: Great price, easy download and I got the license fast.
Weaknesses: none

"Software Great, Received Quickly"
Susan Boltinghouse, Long Beach, CA
March 16, 2012
Strengths: Suite had everything I needed, installed easily.
Weaknesses: None
Comments: Software Media Purchase arrived the following morning and was easily installed on my laptop.

"Absolutely essential"
Pauline Yao
April 24, 2012
Strengths: very useful, does not crash
Weaknesses: may take a little getting used to
Comments: I cannot imagine anybody owning a PC and not having program installed in it. As a freelance writer, I make use of this product every day and it has truly been an invaluable asset. I have used it for writing articles, web content, and even personal letters to friends and family members. Even when I was in college this was the only program I would use to create my Powerpoint presentations, write my papers (Microsoft Word), and do my assignments for statistics (Excel). You won't find a more reliable program anywhere else. Two thumbs up.
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