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Morae Standard 3 - Manager Observer Recorder - Maintenance Renewal

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Product Information

Note: This is a one year maintenance only. Does not come with product licenses.

TechSmith Morae Standard 3
is an innovative software-based solution for usability testing that enhances data collection and speeds up analysis. Its dramatic effectiveness lies in the fact that it actually reduces the amount of work needed not only at setup but also during the data logging analysis and presentation stages. Its design works well for users new to the field of usability testing as well as for seasoned sspecialists.

TechSmith Morae Recorder utilizes Rich Recording Technology to create a complete chronicle of the events that occur behind the scenes in applications and the operating system as well as the onscreen and keyboard activity of the user. These data streams are recorded in sync with video of the user (through a web camera or other camera device) and audio of the user (through a microphone). Because Recorder runs silently in the background it never disturbs the user. And it captures only the input streams that you specify during configuration saving the recording in a file format that can be opened by Morae Manager.

TechSmith Morae Observer uses Remote Viewer to provide support for one or multiple computers to connect over a network to a computer that is running Morae Recorder. This flexibility allows your entire usability team to observe the screen and camera video and hear the audio of the user streaming from the Recorder source computer. Additionally anyone logged into a Remote Viewer computer can add Markers during recording complete with text notes. Remote Viewer automatically saves and indexes the Markers with the accompanying video and audio streams. The camera video screen video and audio streams can be saved locally in a WMV file for immediate playback. Utilizing multiple Remote Viewers usability teams can conduct collaborative user experience testing.

TechSmith Morae Manager allows you to easily search through recordings; Rich Recording Technology automatically indexes the screen and video recordings collected by Recorder. Using Manager's advanced Search Editor you can search for the occurrence of specific activities - such as Web page changes keystrokes mouse clicks or window events. You can also search recordings for specific text that appeared onscreen during recording.
This product comes with:
  • Morae Recorder
  • Morae Observer
  • Morae Manager

Live observation with note-taking
Real-time Wii Remote marking
Participant survey delivery and analysis
Variable speed playback during the analysis phase
Highlight video clip creation
Secure online sharing of highlight videos
Brand TechSmith
Product Type Upgrade Version
Edition Standard
Platform PC
System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP Windows Vista or Windows 7

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