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Office 365 is the fastest growing Microsoft product in the small business market. However, less than 15% of small businesses are using it to help digitally transform their business. Once they start using Office 365, many businesses wonder why they didn't migrate sooner.

Here at SoftwareMedia, our Office 365 Experts will walk you through an extensive demo so you can see Office 365 in action for yourself. We can show you how best to use Office 365 in your specific industry, as well as provide information on what other small businesses in your space are doing.

SoftwareMedia is Offering Onboarding, Provisioning & Migration Services for FREE for Up To 50 Users With Qualifying Office 365 Purchase. *

Most IT companies will charge you between $100 and $200 per user to migrate to Office 365 (and this can be on top of a base fee which can be in the thousands of dollar range). For a limited time, SoftwareMedia and Microsoft have paired up to offer you this incredible deal where you pay nothing for deployment and a fraction of your typical migration costs. Save thousands of dollars and let the real experts handle your migration. Migration will be performed by Microsoft's very own FastTrack team. Needless to say, you will be in great hands. Don't risk going anywhere else for your migration. For more information please contact us. Trust us, you don't want to miss this deal!

Is there a minimum number of users that we need to migrate in order to use your services?

There is no minimum. We can manage the migration even if it’s just for 1 user.

How long does it take to migrate over to Office 365?

From the time the order is placed, it is an average of 4-6 weeks from beginning to end. If you need to migrate sooner, please contact us.

Will there be any downtime?

As long as you can provide the admin credentials for the domain registrar (whether it’s GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Namecheap, etc), our DNS technology will perform the required steps to ensure a zero-downtime migration.

Why shouldn’t we just use our internal IT team to handle the migration?

On average, a typical 25 user project can take 2-6 weeks to complete. We've seen hundreds of things that can go wrong on the source side, across the DNS system, and with Office 365. Downtime could be hours resulting in thousands of dollars of lost productivity.

What email systems do you migrate?

Server Sync can migrate data from virtually any POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange email Servers. This includes Google and many mail services and includes hosted and on-premise servers. We are also able to migrate from less common systems as long as they support Exchange EWS, Exchange WebDAV, IMAP, POP or ActiveSync protocols.

What happens to the data in the old system?

No data is deleted from the source system or from Outlook. Our migration technology copies data to Office 365.

Is there pre-work before onboarding?

The FastTrack engineers will run pre-onboarding checks to identify any readiness tasks required for the customer's infrastructure prior to onboarding. If such tasks are required, the FastTrack engineer will advise the customer or preferred partner to complete the tasks before onboarding can begin. Such tasks might include providing additional hardware for identify management, upgrading the infrastructure to supported software or updating the network. If during pre-onboarding check, the customer requires additional assistance outside of the scope of the FastTrack engagement and does not have a preferred partner to work with, the onboarding expert will suggest the customer be contacted by a qualified partner to assist. If the customer agrees, a Microsoft qualified partner will contact the customer.

* Eligible skus include any of the Office 365 skus through CSP (Monthly or Yearly Subscription). For a list of skus, please visit Max of 50GB per user for the free transfer. For more information contact SoftwareMedia.