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InterBase XE Desktop Edition - 100 Pack

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Product Information

Embarcadero InterBase XE is a high-performance easy-to-install full-featured database that has been proven in thousands of business-critical server desktop and embedded applications. InterBase provides you with a resilient lightweight low-cost database platform for data management. InterBase XE offers database and application development professionals high performance scalable database technology essential to run mission critical applications. Extensive security mechanisms protect data at rest over-the-wire and in backups. InterBase XE is easily deployable with a small footprint that supports heterogeneous O/S connectivity for Windows Linux Solaris and Mac OSX. And InterBase XE is one of the most economically priced ANSI-SQL RDBMS systems available on the market today.

InterBase XE Desktop Edition provides a powerful RDBMS for stand-alone single-user applications. Desktop edition is for use with or embedding in applications that will deploy on desktop laptop or mobile computers for use by a single end user. Typical applications are stand-alone applications such as product catalog applications used by a field sales organization or a dedicated system for signal data collection and analysis etc.
New! Stronger password protection with SHA-1 cryptographic hash function and supports passwords up to 32 bytes long to comply with the most stringent security requirements.
New! Simplified application development with support for Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures.
New! Support for larger buffer caches for improved performance.
New! Optimized performance of large objects with Stream methods.
New! Improved scalability with the ability to handle 128 times more data.
Full-featured ANSI-SQL RDBMS
Support for ACID-compliant transactions, Referential Integrity, Triggers, Cursors, Stored Procedures, Functions (including user-defined functions), and Data Domains
Support for large and complex objects and External files for multi-media applications
Small footprint (Less than 50 Megabytes), yet highly scalable
Thread-safe client library-enhanced stability and improved performance for InterBase clients
Multigenerational architecture (MVCC) enables unparalleled concurrency between readers and writers
Native multi-threaded server with background garbage collection and multi-user page-buffer management
Garbage collection improves response and throughput
Performance Monitoring allows monitoring of many functions
Over-the-Wire (OTW) Encryption encrypts the data as well as any other communications (commands, etc.) between servers and clients.
Database and Column-level encryption to encrypt a database and/or individual columns in a database
Strong (AES) and Weak (DES) Encryption support
Metadata security allows protection of intellectual property
Encryption of backup files adds an additional layer of protection to your data
Support for Users, Roles and Groups
SMP support for high performance on multiple CPU systems including multi-core CPUs.
Extended support for International character support sets via Unicode (UCS-2) and UTF-8 for internationalized applications
Batch Updates allow sending a group of SQL statements, reduces the network traffic in improved performance, especially in LAN and WAN environments
Scales to handle up to 1,000 Users
Scales to handle up to a Terabyte of data
Scales to take advantage of today's multi-core and SMP machine architectures
Scales from embedded devices and applications to single-user applications to multi-user enterprise demands
Hyperthreading support for Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Xeon processors
Online Dump provides backup for seamless incremental backup which significantly reduces the amount of time required to perform backups since incremental backups only take the much smaller delta between the database versions.
Point-in-time-recovery allows journal based recovery based on timestamp for greater recovery flexibility. This allows users to roll back to when they know the database was in a good state, and minimize any data loss.
Journal Archiving provides disaster recovery in the event a database becomes unavailable due to hardware or software failures that may make the primary database permanently inaccessible by allowing log files to be saved on a standby machine that can take over in case the primary machine crashes.
Journaling with Write Ahead Logging (WAL) technology improves VLDB management, OLTP performance, and facilitates disaster recovery.
Blob/Text SQL syntax enhancements allows use of BLOBs and VARCHAR data interchangeably, even in stored procedures
DataGear Data Provider 2.5, an ADO.NET driver, makes InterBase “.NET-ready”
Support for Microsoft .NET Framework and Java development
Support for multiple development tools, including CodeGear RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, and 3rdRail
Support for IBExpress and dbExpress native drivers in CodeGear Developer Studio (Delphi, C++)
Can be installed on multiple machines for testing purposes
Stored procedures encapsulate business logic on server for reduced network traffic
Dependency tracking of UDFs and generators in metadata to simplify development and reduce costs
User-defined functions for extensible query support
Active database features include modular triggers and event alerts
Delimited identifiers for flexible naming conventions
BLOBs, subtypes, and filters to capture arbitrarily large, unstructured data
Cascading referential integrity constraints help maintain the validity of data
SQL-compliant DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP support
Large exact numeric support
Programmable services to administer and monitor databases
Very Large Data Base (VLDB: 64 bit) I/O support allows databases in a single file to grow to terabytes in length
SQL ROWS feature gives better control of the result set
XML data-generation capability for InterBase clients
Support for the SQL99 SAVEPOINT function
ODBC for Windows, Linux, and Solaris applications
InterClient 8.0, a JDBC 2.0 Type 4-compliant JDBC driver for Java access
Support for J2EE CMP2.x and data source connections through InterClient JDBC
Self-tuning features minimize database administration
Cross-platform installer with unified look and feel
Deploy databases on CD-ROM, DVD, and other read-only media
Asynchronous statement cancel provides the ability to cancel queries
Regulate application usage by leveraging built-in licensing components
Connection monitoring support for viewing, starting, stopping, and transactions including monitoring via IBConsole
Unlimited user licensing available
Easy installation and small footprint simplify deployment requirements
Silently embed InterBase into applications with customizable install components
Brand Embarcadero
Product Type Full Version
Edition Desktop
Platform PC
Package Type Retail

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