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inReach for Earthmate PN-60w

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Product Information

DeLorme inReach for Earthmate PN-60w is a 2-way satellite communicator that keeps you connected sending and receiving vital information in all the places where cell phones and one-way satellite messengers fail.

Use inReach by itself or with a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPS*
The highly versatile inReach does not require any companion hardware. By itself it can send pre-loaded text messages and SOS alerts (with delivery confirmation) and enable remote tracking all via pushbutton.

When you add an Earthmate PN-60w GPS you enable the inReach's exclusive two-way satellite messaging.

Two-way messaging
Pair the inReach with a PN-60w and you can send and receive messages up to 160 characters to and from email contacts cell phones and emergency dispatchers. You can also post to Facebook and Twitter.

Message delivery confirmation
You'll never have to wonder if your message was received. The inReach will confirm delivery of any text or SOS messages. It makes no difference whether the messages were sent by a standalone inReach or an inReach paired with a PN-60w.

Remote tracking
You can designate anyone you choose to follow your travels online. Your latest position and"breadcrumb" trail are displayed with position updates at user-selected intervals between 10minutes and four hours.

Remote tracking can be enabled with a standalone inReach or one that's paired with an Earthmate PN-60w.

Your travels is overlaid on DeLorme Topo North America maps displayed online.

Interactive OS
With inReach you can do much more than press an SOS alert. Even in standalone mode you have the ability to let dispatchers know you're conscious and have received their message.

If you've paired your inReach with a PN-60w GPS you can send descriptive text messages so responders come properly prepared. If your situation changes you can send updates to the emergency Response Center.

The one reliable "off the grid" messaging solution
Ninety percent of the Earth's surface has no phone service of any kind and one-way satellite messengers also have coverage gaps.

These "off the grid" often high-risk environments are exactly the kind of place where you need reliable two-way messaging for sharing anything from simple "I'm okay" check-in messages to time-sensitive field reports and emergency SOS messages.

With inReach you can go with confidence wherever your adventures or professional duties take you-always connected always inReach.

*Earthmate PN-60w GPS sold seperately.
**This product requires a subscription with DeLorme. Please visit for more information.
Connect wirelessly with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w
Send and receive text messages
Send pre-loaded messages for anticipated situations
Send descriptive SOS messages, receive responses, and maintain contact to update your situation
Receive confirmation delivery for all messages
Post messages to Facebook and Twitter
Communicate directly with other inReach users to share information and locations
Stay connected wherever you go via Iridium, the world's furthest-reaching satellite network
Enable remote tracking by anyone you choose
Brand DeLorme

Customer Reviews

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  • “Reliable”


    Nov 13, 2014

    I was a little hesitant on whether this would actually work but all our messages were able to go through even when we were in the middle of a deep and narrow slot canyon with the closest paved road being 6 hours away.

    It definitely gives you a piece of mind so in case something bad were to happen, i wouldn't become another Aaron Ralston.
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