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Photoshop Elements 12 + Premiere Elements 12
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12 combines two versatile and intuitive editing and organization programs for managing a complete digital imaging and video workflow. Beginning with a wide range of editing and enhancement capabilities, Elements 12 presents a breadth of unique tools and effects for automatically optimizing the look and feel of both photos and movies.

The expansive set of editing capabilities from both Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 are housed within a friendly environment, featuring easy-to-recognize icons and commands for a more seamless working method. Quick, Guided, and Expert modes can be selected depending on the amount of manipulation and control desired during editing and distinct Editor and Organizer interfaces allow for intuitive handling of photos and clips.

Mobile device support helps to make files shot with a smartphone or tablet readily available within Elements and, conversely, files housed within Elements albums can be viewed and shared from linked mobile devices. A rich set of tagging controls, based on subject, location, or event, help to streamline navigating immense catalogs of imagery and support direct uploading of content to social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter.

Elements 12

Friendly and Intuitive Environment

Extending the legacy of past versions of Elements, Elements 12 revolves around a highly intuitive and efficient environment for easy navigation for selecting a host of editing tools, exporting options, and file management solutions. Large, bold icons simplify tool selection and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, and Expert editing modes enables the appropriate amount of control based on personal needs.

Seamless Mobile Integration

Photos and videos from within Elements 12 can easily be viewed, shared, and linked with mobile devices and, additionally, images taken with your mobile devices can be sent directly to Elements albums for an even more seamless digital workflow.

Guided Editing

Professional editing techniques can be produced and learned simultaneously through the use of Guided Edits. For photos, over 25 Guided Edits are available, including Zoom Burst, which adds a dynamic sense of motion to an image; Photo Puzzle, which gives the appearance that your image is constructed from puzzle pieces; and Old Photo Restore, which is specifically design to help repair worn or damaged photos. For videos, a series of video tutorials walk you through the process of performing a specific edit to help learn and accomplish a technique for greater understanding.

All-Around Workflow Solution

Elements 12 acts as an efficient means for importing, organizing, finding, and managing files with the Organizer view in addition to serving as a solution for editing, enhancing, printing, and sharing photos and videos. Visual tags can be utilized to selectively demarcate files based on subjects, locations, or events for easier locating of specific files within a vast image library. Additionally, location-tagged photos and movies can be viewed on a map based on where they were taken.

Video and Photo Collaboration

The bundled version of Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 extends the functionality of both programs by enabling collaborative aspects between the two editing applications. Freeze-frame effects in movies can be enhanced through the photo editing control of Photoshop while traditional photo slideshows can be enhanced through the use of cinematic transitions and effects (Windows only).

Photoshop Elements 12

Content Aware Tools

The Content Aware Move tool can be used to easily move objects from within the image and have the background automatically filled-in in a seamless manner. Additionally you can straighten images and have the missing background automatically filled in using Content Aware Fill for the Straighten tool when working in Expert mode.

One-Touch Personalized Effects

A wide variety of one-touch Frames, Effects, and Textures can be applied to images to creatively enhance their final appearance. Calendars, scrapbook pages, cards, and more can also be easily created using an array of professionally designed templates, which can further be personally customized to suit your own imagery.

Correct Pet Eye

Similar to removing red-eye in images, discolored pet's eyes can now be easily corrected for to remove the green or yellow cast from imagery.

Seamless Photo Sharing

The intuitive Elements interface enables direct sharing of photos and videos within Elements albums to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and other social media sites, which, furthermore, can be easily viewed and shared on mobile devices. Sharing can now be done directly from the Editor interface as well as the Organizer interface.

Automated Correction Tools

A broad array of one-step shortcuts can be employed to improve select elements of imagery or enhance the overall appearance of a photograph. Unwanted details can be intelligently removed using the Spot Healing Brush and Auto Smart Tone can be used to optimize color, tone, and exposure adjustments based on learned personal preferences.

Automatic Panoramic Creation

Photomerge Panorama automatically stitches and blends individual horizontal or vertical photos as part of a larger, panoramic scene and intelligently removes jagged edges and overlapping content for a clean, seamless appearance.

Enhanced Group Shots

Photomerge Group Shot works to combine individual elements, including faces and bodies, from multiple group shots of the same scene in order to alleviate a pair of closed eyes or non-smiling face from ruining an otherwise perfect group photograph.

Additional Photoshop Elements 12 Features

Finding and Organizing:
  • Tag faces faster using your Facebook Friends list
  • Find photos of specific people quickly with automatic People Recognition
  • Quickly and easily find the best photo or video from a series using the Auto-Analyzer
  • Edit photos in full-screen mode directly from the Organizer
  • Organize photos and videos from one central location and improve searching by using dedicated visual tags

Image Enhancement:
  • Create tilt-shift, vignette, high-key, and low-key effects
  • Produce the Orton effect as well as picture collage and creative depth of field effects
  • Automatically convert images into digital illustrations with Comic, Graphic Novel, and Pen & Ink filters
  • Easily select and refine edges of hair and other hard-to-extract content
  • Import and use effects, styles, and actions from a wide range of photo sites or blogs
  • 100 different paint effects can be applied to any image using the Smart Brush
  • Intuitively and easily un-clutter, repair, and match the style of any photo
  • Recompose imagery to any size without distorting key subjects
  • Photomerge technology helps to create perfectly-lit shots
  • A range of adjustments can be previewed prior to selecting the best one
  • One-step solution for whitening teeth and making skies bluer
  • Support for a broad range of raw file types for high quality results
  • Red-eye can be corrected for and skin tones can be enhanced with one click

Personalization and Exporting of Imagery:
  • Enhance the look of text in imagery by making it curve or flow in any direction
  • Photos can be saved in both JPEG and PSD file formats
  • Flexible templates and layouts can be used for printing calendars, cards, scrapbook pages, books, or disc labels from your home printer

Premiere Elements 12

Creative Effects and Styles

More FilmLooks, including Comic, Trinity, Yesteryear, and Cross Process, have been added to Premiere Elements 12 to help match the look and style of Hollywood movies.

Add Music and Sound Effects

Over 50 musical scores and more than 250 different sound effects are available to help alter the mood and add depth and appeal to movies.

Spotlight Your Subject

Graphics, text, and effects can be added to move along with your subject using motion tracking to enhance and bring more attention to movies.

Seamless Movie Sharing

Direct uploading of finished movies to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or a personal website is possible and Elements 12 works to automatically optimize and format the video for specific destinations for enhanced playback. Additionally, movies within shared Elements albums can also be easily sent and viewed on linked mobile devices.

Intelligent Automatic Video Enhancement

Intelligent and personalized video corrections can be applied using Auto Smart Tone, which works to adjust the look of videos based on learned personal preferences.

InstantMovie Creation

InstantMovie automatically edits together your best clips, sets them to music, and applies a range of effects and titles based on your choice of a movie theme.

Control Playback Speed

Slow-motion or fast-motion effects can be added to key elements of a movie to add heightened drama or suspense or to create a sense of energy or excitement.

Smart Automated Options

Shaky footage, color, and lighting issues can all be easily corrected for as well as automatic trimming of unwanted footage and balancing of audio elements for an all-around professional final appearance.

Quick Editing Mode

When working in the Quick editing mode, you can simply drag and drop thumbnails of clips, transitions, and effects to quickly create an overall narrative. Furthermore, you can trim and split clips, drop in different filters or effects, create picture-in-picture effects, and add different titles and text to easily produce a finished movie.

Additional Premiere Elements 12 Features

Organizing and Finding Media:
  • Object Search helps to find specific tagged objects within imagery
  • Simplified importing of clips from compact camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • Full-screen video and photo previews in Organizer mode help to more easily identify imagery
  • Quickly and easily find the best video clip or photo from a series using the Auto-Analyzer
  • Organize photos and videos from one central location and improve searching by using dedicated visual tags

Movie Creation:
  • Support for 64-bit Mac and Windows 7/8 operating systems ensures speed and stability while editing
  • Pan and zoom motions allow you to turn still photos into movies
  • Optimized editing control when working with both standard- and high-definition video
  • Slide-shows and movies can be easily edited to the beat of a chosen song

Professional Effects:
  • Color balance can easily be adjusted using an intuitive slider system
  • Blend modes allow you to enhance one clip with textures and colors from a second clip
  • Image tone and vibrance can be adjusted without affecting skin tones
  • Shadow, mid-tone, and highlight values can all be adjusted independently for greater control
  • A cartoon look can be applied for a fun, creative appearance
  • Graphics, frames, and animations from a clip art library can be easily added to movies
  • Elements from different movies can be combined in order to produce unique results
  • A wide range of effects, transitions, movie themes, animated titles, motion menus, and credit styles can be used to provide a professional appearance

Movie Sharing:

  • Movies can be exported in the high-quality AVCHD format
  • HD-quality movie burning to both DVDs and Blu-ray discs is supported
Photoshop Elements 12 + Premiere Elements 12

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